Wise Wombyn Rising

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Cycle 2

When womyn gather together and awaken, profound things happen: We align ourselves with our intuition; we have more clarity and insight into ourselves; we dream-weave and manifest through True Will; and we support each other, shifting the paradigm of how womyn treat womyn, and we strengthen our collective web.

This is a 9-Month Rebirthing Into Spirit Journey… Training in spiritual awakening for womyn who are interested in journeying with other womyn, creating the bonds of sacred sisterhood and deepening the bonds of magick. In this intensive womyn will learn a variety of tools to aid them in their metamorphosis, to create a devotional practice (and stick to it!), and heal old wounds of unworthiness. It is the opportunity to rewrite stories that no longer serve you, to meet yourself where you are at, attuning to present moment awareness, present moment manifestation, and present moment BEing.

Have you been seeking personal transformation?
Do you wish to reclaim and reconnect with your Divine Feminine power?
Are you ready to journey with other womyn in sacred sisterhood?

In this 9-month apprenticeship you will learn:

  • Elemental Breathwork
  • Conscious Communication
  • Natural Divination
  • Pyramid of Transformation
  • Song Doctoring
  • Magickal Journaling
  • Gratitude Medicine
  • Creatively Fit Exercises
  • Womyn’s Mysteries
  • Synergy of Prosperity
  • And more…

You will also experience:

  • Building the container for sacred work
  • Working with the Four-Fold Goddess
  • Guided meditations 
  • Ritual magick
  • Affirmations
  • Noble Silence
  • Mindful eating

Dates for Wise Wombyn Rising: TBA
Beginning in Fall of 2021. To be placed on an email list to hear when registration opens up next year, please contact me. Apprenticeship held in Southern NH.

This transcendent 9-month journey is held as a day-long intensive once a month. Limited to 13 womyn. Tuition for this apprenticeship is $2500 paid in full; $2700 with payment plan. For more information please email me. *There will be an option for a 6-month second year intensive to deepen the work.

Registration is currently CLOSED for this apprenticeship.
Wise Wombyn Rising will begin in  FALL 2021.

Wise Wombyn Rising is an extensive and in-depth training program that requires the commitment of personal practice outside of the intensive experience to maintain the spiritual development and foundation created in this program. If you have been seeking a shift in your practice, a desire to heal what no longer serves you, and to give yourself permission to put your own oxygen mask on first, then I invite you to join me as we expand our consciousness and take those first steps in our vision quest home to our most Divine Selves.

Are You Ready To Explore Your Rebirth Into Spirit?

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