I offer healing sessions to facilitate what I call a rebirth into spirit: guiding you into embracing your personal power and aligning your wholehearted being with bliss.


All phone or in-person sessions are $150 per hour unless otherwise noted.
I also offer 30-minute phone or email readings for $80.

Sessions must be booked and paid for in advance. To book a phone session please visit my Schedule.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a session, please contact me.

Intuitive Spiritual Counseling

Intuitive psychic readings utilizing the tarot to offer guidance and clarification on your spiritual journey or particular area of focus. Connecting with your divine self and spiritual allies to assist you in navigating through the choices and shifts in your life.

Womanrunes Readings

As a student of the late Shekhinah Mountainwater, I have worked extensively with her Womanrunes system and it is a part of my personal daily practice. This woman-identified divination system has incredible symbols that come through in powerful ways to offer insight, truth, and wisdom in your life.

Wheel of the Year Readings

A yearly forecast reading to give you a glimpse into your year ahead — whether it be at the beginning of a calendar year OR the beginning of your personal new year, this reading goes through a cycle of 12 months with additional insight into each of the four seasons. I combine my Intuitive Spiritual Counseling and Womanrunes readings to give you guided messages to understand the energies forthcoming for you. Readings include s Womanrunes symbol to work with for your personal year. Sessions can be done via phone (live) or via email where I send you an mp4 of your reading. ***Wheel of the Year rates are $230. WOTY Readings via email will be sent up to 10 business days.

Song Doctoring

A Shamanic practice of utilizing incantations as a form of healing where the formula of words are given by spirits to use in the restoration of power. In your session we will address the discordant energies through journey work, followed by receiving your song prescription to be utilized through daily practice.

Healing Sessions

Integrated modalities that facilitate healing on the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical subtle bodies. Each session is tailored to your individual needs utilizing a combination of energy work, shamanic healing, breathwork, sound healing, and guided imagery. I work closely with my spirit allies to assist in your spiritual awakening.


I offer group workshops in breathwork, journaling, sound healing, Womyn’s Mysteries, creativity enhancements, and more. If you are interested in private lessons or to host me in your venue please contact me for more information.

Spiritual Mentoring

I am available for personal one-on-one spiritual mentoring and coaching to facilitate your alignment with your Higher Self. Coaching consists of weekly phone sessions, healing assignments, and email support. For more information, or to customize a package that suits your needs please inquire about pricing.

Ministerial Services

I am a legally ordained minister through the Temple of Witchcraft. I am available for funerary, memorials, and last rites, weddings and handfastings (both legal and spiritual/commitment ceremonies), child blessings, home or business blessings, and other rites of passage. Rates are $170 for ceremonies; travel/supplies may be extra. For more information please inquire.

clarity session

Creative Clarity Sessions

Learn to identify the limiting belief that is at the root of your worry and replace it with a new belief that you can integrate into your spiritual practice. We will get to the root of your worry, replace the worry with an empowering belief and a personal symbol that can be used as a visual talisman, guiding your thoughts and imagination towards the energy you wish to embody, rather than imagining (worrying about) what you do not want.

These are three sessions done over the course of 21 days via teleconference (great for distant clients!) to create a new habit and reprogram limiting beliefs. Clarity Sessions for the 21 days are $380.