Gateway to the Goddess


Gateway to the Goddess

Welcome to this yearlong intensive journey offered through the Temple of Witchcraft’s Cancer Ministry, honoring and celebrating the archetype of the Divine Mother.

In this intensive we will travel through the Gateway of the Divine Feminine, where all life stems from. We will awaken our own feminine principles as we penetrate the veil of the Goddess, She Who Is the Cosmic Mother, and deepen our connection to the Divine Feminine Principles. We will journey deeply into the Yoniverse and unlock the enigma to reveal our own inner Mystery and learn to reclaim the gifts of the Goddess and rise into our Power.

This intensive is open to women-only this year. In this sacred feminine space we will create sisterhood as Priestesses of the Goddess, sharing our radiance with one another and rewriting what it means to stand in union with other women as daughters of the Great Mother.

Throughout this year we will be seeking entrance into the Gateway of the Goddess through meditation, ritual, song, and the Stones of Her Body. We will strengthen our magickal skillset by working with:

  • Moon Cycles
  • Affirmations
  • Journaling
  • Prayer
  • Rituals of Honor
  • Healing and more…

Supply list will be provided upon acceptance into the Gateway of the Goddess intensive.

Classes held at the Temple of Witchcraft location in Salem, NH. Course fee is $450 with $100 non-refundable deposit (included in total course fee). Course fees due in full before start of class. Dates of classes are 3rd Monday of the month: 05/20/19; 06/17/19; 07/15/19; 08/19/19; 09/16/19; 10/21/19; 11/18/19; 12/16/19; 01/20/20; 02/17/20; 03/16/20; 04/20/20; 05/18/20. Online option available at next open registration; more information coming soonRegistration opens in January 2019. To inquire about in-person or online classes please email me.