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Women’s Circle: Amaterasu
Darkness prepares to wane as the Light strengthens into Winter Solstice, the time of Yule, where the Goddess is birthed into triumphant splendor. We must emerge from our shadowy caves and be willing to embrace and align with our beauty through the Light of the Sun. Please bring your Women’s Circle stone with you. If you are new to Women’s Circle one will be provided for you. Register here.

Saturday December 1st, 7-10p, sliding scale $35-25
49 North Policy Street
Salem, NH 03079


Women’s Circle 2019: Herbal Allies
***In-person and online options available.

Women’s Circles is a sacred container for women who are interested in gathering to enhance their personal practice, build the bonds of sisterhood, and celebrate the Goddess as Divine Mother. 2019 Theme is Herbal Allies. Dates for 2019 are Saturday: 01/12/19; 02/09/19; 03/09/19; 04/13/19; 05/11/19; 06/08/19; 07/13/19; 08/10/19; 09/07/19; 10/12/19; 11/09/19; 12/14/19. For more information please email me.

7-10p, sliding scale $35-25
49 North Policy Street
Salem, NH 03079

Women’s Circle Spring Retreat
Sacred intensive weekend for women who are regular participants to monthly Women’s Circles. This retreat away will be in the White Mountains of northern New Hampshire where we will gather and deepen our connection as sisters. Schedule includes daily workshops, evening rituals, free time to explore the grounds and tend to self-nourishment. Participants are responsible for their own travel arrangements and meals (there will be communal cooking). Cost: $350; $175 non-refundable deposit to hold space. Remaining cost due 60 days before retreat. ***Prerequisite: Must have attended a minimum of 3 Women’s Circles. Space is limited. Date and registration TBA. If you have any questions please email me.

WIV: The Temple of High Witchcraft Yearlong Intensive
Explore the art and science of Witchcraft through the lens of modern ritual magick. Focusing on the element of Air as the overall tone for the fourth degree, work with different models of magickal understanding and communication. Drawing from the influences of Hermetic philosophy and Qabalistic lore, work deeply to balance the four elements within, finding the inner sacred tools of the stone, cup, sword and spear. Climb the ten spheres of the Tree of Life, exploring the magickal correspondences of each through color, scent, angel, god, planet and pathworking. Learn to adapt Ceremonial Magick rituals such as the pentagram protection rites to a Witch’s perspective. Understand your own unique perspective of the universe and create your own Map of Reality. The Temple of High Witchcraft is the required textbook for course, and the Temple of High Witchcraft CD Companion is the required audio. ***Prerequisite: Must have successfully completed W3: The Temple of Shamanic Witchcraft.  Course fee: $410 with $100 non-refundable deposit (included in total course fee). Course fees due in full before start of class. Dates of classes are: 05/09/19; 06/12/19; 07/10/19; 08/14/19; 09/11/19; 10/09/19; 11/13/19; 12/11/19; 01/08/20; 02/12/20; 03/11/20; 04/08/20; 05/13/20. Classes held at the Temple of Witchcraft, 49 North Policy Street, Salem NH, 03079. Initiation 05/22/20. Registration opening in December. For more information please email me.

Gateway to the Goddess Year-long Intensive
***In-person and Online options available.

In this intensive we will travel through the Gateway of the Divine Feminine, where all life stems from. We will awaken our own feminine principles as we penetrate the veil of the Goddess, She Who Is the Cosmic Mother, and deepen our connection to the Divine Feminine Principles. We will journey deeply into the Yoniverse and unlock the enigma to reveal our own inner Mystery and learn to reclaim the gifts of the Goddess and rise into our Power. Course fee is $450 with $100 non-refundable deposit (included in total course fee). Course fees due in full before start of class. Dates of classes are 3rd Monday of the month: 05/20/19; 06/17/19; 07/15/19; 08/19/19; 09/16/19; 10/21/19; 11/18/19; 12/16/19; 01/20/20; 02/17/20; 03/16/20; 04/20/20; 05/18/20. Registration opening January 2019. For more information please visit the Gateway to the Goddess page or contact me.


Wise Wombyn Rising Apprenticeship
A 9-Month Sacred Feminine Journey: Rebirthing Into Spirit… Training in spiritual awakening for womyn who are interested in journeying with other womyn, creating the bonds of sacred sisterhood and deepening the bonds of magick. In this intensive womyn will learn Natural Divination, Elemental Breathwork, Conscious Communication, Synergy of Prosperity, chanting and toning, and so much more. Please visit the Wise Wombyn Rising page for more information. Dates for WWR (all Sundays), 10a-4p, TBA. Apprenticeship held in Southern NH.*There will be an option for a 6-month second year intensive to deepen the work. Registration is now closed.

Tuition for this intensive is $2500 paid in full with a $400 non-refundable deposit. Payment plans are available. Please email me if you have any questions.