Abundance Comes In Three’s

Everything comes in three’s is the belief many of us have, and even the experience to back it up. We have beautiful moments that come in three’s, and even hardship that arrives threefold that sometimes feel denser than the lovely experiences we may have just had. Our good friend Awareness reminds us to pay attention to the cycles of life and how we respond to those cycles.

Lammas has arrived, the First Harvest, the time of grain and celebrating the abundance we are taking into our hearts and homes. We begin the first signs of Fall, giving way to Summer’s end and preparing for what the darker half of the year will bestow upon us. It’s certainly a great time for introspection, to curl up with the bounty of our harvest and share that bounty with our tribe.

Everything is abundant and thriving, if only we take time to see, acknowledge, and hold gratitude for it. I’m a true believer in abundance everywhere — how we view that abundance and how we label it determines our current path. We either have an abundance of beauty or we have an abundance of struggle. We can certainly teeter between both pleasure and suffering, though with honest reflection I think tend to find that many of our scales are not as balanced as we might think.

I don’t know about you, but the second half of the year for me is always filled with various events or social gatherings or family celebrations. It’s a wonderful time that recharges my heart chakra, and it’s a reminder to sink into the abundance of what I have and not drink from the fountain of lack.

Don’t we all have some kind of lack story or scarcity mentality that lives all cozied up like a hobbit in our minds? Perhaps even burrowing into the belly and poking us with fear and stories of “not enough”? I know I have them. My lack hobbits are more like slimy gremlins that have tendencies to throw wild parties that quickly get out of control (I blame my 80s obsession here). It happens. They stir up a mess, though the beauty is that they uncover a hidden component that asks for healing and nourishment. In this case, I sometimes don’t mind the gremlins… sometimes… I mean… they are rather slimy, but their maniacal laugh does amuse me now and again.

My belief is that if we can honor the Harvest season with what we do have instead of worrying or clinging to what we don’t have, then we are better equipped to nourish ourselves instead of withhold from our psyches. This is why for the next three Women’s Circles I am focusing on the ABUNDANCE of the Harvest with three rituals for the Three Harvests. While there is benefit in cycling through all three, women must trust what feels appropriate for them.

In these rituals we will be focusing on:

  • Synergy Of Prosperity: Knowing ourselves and understanding the world (our world) relative to mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual prosperity. We’ll be working with the beautiful Quartz Crystal or other stone found in nature during this ritual.
  • Mala Manifestation: Working with the art of manifestation as the natural wisdom from the Divine Feminine Principles — that which is inherent in our Blood Mysteries. We will be working with a 40 day practice immediately following the ritual with our sacred malas. You may even feel called to create one specific for this working!
  • Moon Magick: Our final abundance ritual culminating with the divinatory art of tuning into the rhythms of the Lunar energies and aligning with our Sacred Muse — She Who Inspires.

I’m looking forward to this journey of claiming, gathering, supporting, nourishing, (all the magificent “ing’s”!) and deepening the bonds of gratitude for that which is bestowed upon me and my sisters.

What are you gathering this Harvest? May it be bountiful, and may it sustain you deep into your roots, centering you in limitless grace.

pink flowers

Monthly Women’s Circles Announcement

This is something that I have been excited to share for quite some time and now that all those little ducks are so neatly in a row, I am happy to announce that I will be facilitating monthly Women’s Circles for the Temple of Witchcraft beginning next month.

I co-facilitated similar Women Circle rituals for the Temple for five years before the decision was made to end these circles at that time. It was something I so desperately missed. Women gathering is something magickal, and for me it was something I needed. I want to gather with other women and share in that feminine principle and divine mystery, to build sacred sisterhood.

It has been a year and half since the former Women’s Circles came to a close, and I have missed it ever since. As Cancer lead minister in the Temple, one of the aspects of my ministry is about the Divine Feminine Mysteries. My other two aspects (Social Service and Children’s Ministry) have foundations beneath them that are aiding their growth. My confidence in that allowed me to focus on this third aspect, listening to what other women were telling me they needed and wanted in their lives, while also listening to my own inner voice tell me what I needed and wanted.

I’m excited to facilitate these coming rituals and invite women who are seeking to know themselves more deeply to join me in these monthly rituals of connection and sisterhood. Our first ritual:

Women’s Circle: Rising Up!
Join us for the rebirth of Women’s Circle as we awaken the circle of women, igniting the feminine wisdom within each of us and the Divine Mother. Bring a special candle to celebrate the feminine principle and stoke the fire of our sacred connection.

Saturday May 9th, 7-10p, $15
49 North Policy Street
Salem, NH 03079

Please check out my calendar of events for information on upcoming Women’s Circles as well as other events I am running.

I look forward to taking this journey with my sisters!

Spring Inner Temple Apprenticeship

I’m excited to announce that I will be offering another Inner Temple of Witchcraft course this Spring. This year-long intensive apprenticeship in the science of Witchcraft, begins in April and I am currently accepting new students. Through this course you will build a strong and solid foundation for your magickal work through the perspective of modern Witchcraft. You will:

  • Understand the history and role of the Witch, from the ancient world to the current modern revival.
  • Learn sound occult techniques for altering your consciousness and exploring the powers of meditation and trance.
  • Explore the concepts of magickal theory found in both quantum physics and hermetic philosophy, and the ethics of the Witch.
  • Use “instant” meditative magick to transform your inner and outer life.
  • Experience practical application of energy manipulation, protection magick, psychic self-defense, psychic development, aura gazing, auric cleansing, chakra balancing, psychic healing, spirit guide contact, past-life exploration, shamanic journey and building your personal place of power; your inner temple or soul shrine.

Thus shall you begin development of a solid personal practice in the internal arts of Witchcraft.

Unlike many basic 101 courses, Witchcraft I will provide a deep foundation through thirteen detailed lessons and rituals for all magickal and spiritual studies for those desiring to meditate, develop psychic skills and start the path of the Witch, rather than relying on a quick spellbook. This is a foundation piece to further training in the five-level Temple of Witchcraft Tradition.

This year-long course fuses material from The Inner Temple of Witchcraft text (required reading) and The Inner Temple of Witchcraft CD Companion (required listening) with previously unreleased rituals and rites from the Temple of Witchcraft Book of Shadows. In-person students will work with a certified Temple teacher in monthly class sessions. Lessons can vary in size and scope with some months being light and others being more involved. Generally one month is given between assignments and you are expected to complete an assignment before receiving the next.

Class dates: 4/8/15, 5/12/15, 6/10/15, 7/8/15, 8/12/15, 9/9/15, 10/14/15, 11/12/15, 12/9/15, 1/13/16, 2/10/16, 3/9/16, 4/13/16. Initiation 4/15/16. Classes held at the Temple office in Salem, NH, 7-10p. The fee for the entire course is three hundred dollars ($300). Payment plans are available for this course. To register, please fill out the online Witchcraft I application. For questions about this class, please email me.

For more information, please visit the Temple of Witchcraft.