Women’s Circle Spring Retreat

I am incredibly passionate about women’s work. My background and training has been centered around the Wise Women Ways, and I endeavor to share that same wisdom and passion with other women to assist in their personal evolution home.

For the last several years I have been facilitating Women’s Circle to open the way for women to rediscover their personal power, to be seen and heard in a sacred and safe container, and to show up in their fullness and allow themselves the opportunity to build sisterhood with other women.

As we have seen in our world, and more specifically in our current political climate, women are still without fundamental rights, and our daughters are growing up being taught that we’re not valued or honored in the world. It is essential that women have a safe space to share their feelings, deepen their spirituality, and find solidarity with other women in a time where our voices may be silenced. There’s such a richness of women gathering together and sharing in the beauty of the Divine Feminine, and I hope that my small part lends itself to the collective so we may return to Matriarchal source.

I love holding this space, and sometimes we hit depth in our workings only to find our time at Women’s Circle is complete for the month. I’ll have conversations with women after Circle, or I’ll receive emails days later of women wishing to share more of their story and process. I love witnessing this, and wish there were more time for us to delve deeply without having to turn on and off the processing.

It is from this desire that a Women’s Circle retreat was born.

We will gather for three days and two nights in the White Mountains of northern New Hampshire. This will be a sacred intensive weekend for women who are regular participants to monthly Women’s Circles. We will have daily workshops, evening rituals, and free time to explore the grounds and tend to self-nourishment and bonding with our sisters.

In order to maintain the sacred container already established within Women’s Circle, the prerequisite for attending this retreat is that women must have attended a minimum of three Women’s Circles.

What happens if you haven’t attended Women’s Circle but want to go on the retreat?

There is still time!

Check out my Events page to see when our next scheduled Women’s Circle is happening. Registration closes at the end of February, so this gives you five months to choose which three speaks to you!

If you have already attended three Women’s Circle and want to join us, registration is OPEN!

Details of the Women’s Circle Spring Retreat:

When:          Friday May 18, 2018 to Sunday May 20, 2018
Where:         The White Mountains of New Hampshire
Cost:             $350; $175 non-refundable deposit to hold your spot.

Feel free to contact me for more details or if you have any questions.

Don’t miss this opportunity to deepen relationships with other women who honor the Goddess, and allow yourself to restore with support of your sisters AND make magick!

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Mala Manifestation

One of my favorite tools to work with is a set of malas, a string of beads or garland used in prayer and meditation. They can be as ornate or as simple as you choose (or as it chooses you), but the more you work with it, the more you awaken its spiritually medicinal qualities, as well as continue to build in the mindfulness of being present in the moment, present with the Universe, and most importantly, present within yourself. Malas can aid us in waking up into ourselves.

There are a number of ways to use them, many schools of thoughts of which to get (wood, bone, or gemstone), to wear or not wear, one for each prayer, or use one for all your prayers, etc. Some students who study with a particular guru or spiritual teacher may take on the rhythm of how they were taught and work with their malas in these sacred ways. Others may look online (YouTube has great tutorials for those really new to malas), and others are guided by the mala itself as the teacher.

The point is, whether you hold the bead, rub the bead, use your index finger, never let it touch the index, in the end it is all personal, like any part of our spiritual practice, isn’t it? I have seen more shame in mala use than I have an acceptance, which is incredibly sad. People seek spiritual tools to aid them in their journey of healing and awakening. The most compassionate thing we can do is embrace another and offer a light if they ask, but to say “you’re doing this wrong” is one of the most harmful things I have witnessed time and again on the path to transcendence.

Last year I taught a “Mala Manifestation” class as part of a ritual working with my Women’s Circle. It was wonderful to hear these sacred voices coming together and sharing in the mantra of abundance and prosperity. It is a workshop of supporting one another and being supported in return. I am looking forward to offering it at a new location in a couple of weeks. Does this speak to you? Join me and fellow seekers in opening ourselves to our manifestations!

Mala Manifestation

A journey through abundance and prosperity as a source of natural wisdom from manifesting through the Divine Feminine. Here we learn that in order to manifest and invite abundance into our world, it is never a solitary act, but one that invites the blessings of community, in many forms, to assist us. Here we will explore the challenges of not only being willing to receive what we are asking for, but to also open ourselves to receiving help from another as a form of generosity and accepting abundance from the Universe. This ritual encourages and emphasizes a devotional practice for 40-days following this experience. Please bring a set of malas for this ritual working.

Tuesday July 25th, 7-9:30p, $30
Moth and Moon Studios
173 South River Road, Suite #4
Bedford, NH 03110
(603) 782-3674

mala manifestation

Gateway to the Goddess

If you’re in New England, chances are you are covered in a blanket of snow. The trees remain bare, and while the Sun is stretching into the early evening hours, the temperatures continue to feel like we’re buried underneath that snow: cold and more cold. I’m a Winter baby, I love Winter… and near the end of last year I tripped over a hole (note to self: pay attention where you are walking and do your best to not be distracted!), and I severely sprained my ankle and knees. I had a sweet triage doctor in the ER tell me that I was a “tough cookie” with lots of surprise that I hadn’t broken anything. Yes, I was also surprised, yet grateful. It meant that I spent most of the Winter in another layer of hibernation due to my injury. As Spring is knocking on the solid ground beneath us, I too am making my transition from hibernation to joining the blossoming of the season… slow and steady, but emerging nonetheless.

In the hibernation I’ve had time to contemplate my work, dusting off projects that need some sunlight themselves, putting to rest other workings that have been part of my repertoire for a few years, and giving attention to new teachings being born.

We’ve already kicked off our year of working with the Archetypes in Women’s Circle, already having experienced workings with the Protectress, the Maiden, and the Visionary. It’s been some beautiful work, and I have left each Circle with new medicine to bring into my practice for the month. The Winter rituals are always challenging due to weather. We had to reschedule or contend with another layer of snow, sleet, or other inclement weather on our gatherings. Still, the depths of how we show up for ourselves and each other always brings me such joy. This is why Women’s Circles are so important around the world: we need to share our stories with each other, to support one another, and rewrite old wounds so we embrace the Goddess within. Please check out the remaining Women’s Circles and other ritual offerings in my Events page.

Next month I am taking that same notion of women gathering and taking it further in a year-long course where we can deepen the connection to the Divine Mother, unveil not only Her Mysteries, but our own, and thus finding healing, empowerment, and awakening through each Gateway.

This afternoon I spent part of my afternoon sending out acceptance letters into the Gateway to the Goddess. April will be here before we know it, and while I have had a lot of interest from women who would like to take this course online, it is currently only being offered in-person this year. However, if this work speaks to you and you would like to take it online, please send me an email and ask to be put on a list for those interested in an online format. If there is enough interest I may consider bringing this online next year.

For more information please visit the Gateway to the Goddess page or if you’d like to apply please see the application. We begin on April 17th!