November Loves, November Savings

This entire latter half of the year has been on fast forward — the kind where you are sitting on the remote and hit the fast forward button but didn’t mean to… yes, it’s been that sort of unintentional, yet completely intentional fast forward. And here we are, Samhain and Halloween is almost here, and then we enter into the last great month of Fall before we steep into the Winter.

I thought for this update I would share some of my favorites currently happening, the things I am currently loving. It can be easy to get swept up by your calendar and not take time to pause and notice, or even get frustrated by things that we lose sight of the things that are bringing us pleasure, on any level, be it big or small. I know I hit a good two weeks where it felt like the Universe was dumping out my purse upon the wet grass while I rummaged through the messy pile. Checking in on things you love, or bringing those into your atmosphere, can be great remedies, or even just really good check points in the chaos.

Currently reading…

“Self-Compassion: The Proven Power of Being Kind to Yourself” by Kristin Neff

This isn’t a quick devouring kind of book… at least not for me. This has been a slow devouring, savoring, letting it roll around on my palette while I decide if I am loving the bite or is it bringing that sort of curiosity that I’m wondering what that secret ingredient is that’s making it so… interesting.

I love Compassion. I practice it. I fail at it. Rinse and repeat. But self-compassion? *deep breath* I admit that I can sometimes be my own worst critic — aren’t we all at some points in our lives? This book has been reminding me of my practice, nudging me where I need to remember to apply it to myself, and giving me those tiny electric shocks in my belly where I know I still have work to do. It’s a good read, I’m looking forward to seeing where else it takes me.

Currently listening to…

“Direction of Motion” by Averi

Music is never not playing in my home. Or my car. Or my mind. I think I have a recurring soundtrack constantly playing that no one else might seem to hear or notice!

I seem to be revisiting old loves circa 2002-2004, and this album is one of them. On a particularly long drive up North at the beginning of the month I decided to pull out my iPod and scrolled right through the A’s and smiled in memory of this band I used to travel to virtually every show they had. And this time of year was one of my favorite times to travel.

While no longer together, their music was nothing short of stellar. *Is* nothing short of stellar!

Currently binging…

“Joan of Arcadia”

I did say that I am in this interesting place of revisiting things from 2002-2004, and this show is no exception. I used to watch this every Friday night while my husband went out with his gaming buddies. It never ceased to amaze me how each week’s episode seemed to have such a poignant message for me in that moment. As I have been revisiting aspects from that time, doing some healing, some re-writing, and other introspective exploration, I was thinking about how I loved this show and how it was too bad it didn’t go beyond two seasons… and I was thinking how I would love to watch it again. So, for kicks, I looked it up and, as the Universe would have it, season 1 was about to begin in a few days… coincidence? Oh I am long past coincidences… and just like before, these episodes are bringing familiar medicine to my consciousness once more.

Current stone I am working with…


It is perhaps my favorite stone ever. It’s varying shades pulls me into this place of both Mystery and calm… and it has been helpful in my exploration of healing with past life (of this lifetime) wounds… and it fits nicely with my work in the Self-Compassion book I am reading as well. I seriously cannot resist a beautiful Labradorite stone.

Current elixir I am taking…

Elderberry Tincture

Oh yes, it’s that time of year! I have already caught my first cold of the Fall season, and it wasn’t horrible, but it was certainly draining. And despite how many times I tell myself I will make some ahead of time, or even stock up early, I find myself in the same predicament of getting sick and being out of remedies, and this year was no exception. Thankfully on one of my trips up North I had driven by a natural pharmacy and went in and they had a bottle available! I prefer it to the popular Elderberry syrup, mainly because it’s not too sweet, has a longer shelf life, and one bottle lasts much longer than the syrup.

Current deck I am working with…

“Animal Allies Oracle Cards” by Jessica Swift

I recently got a hold of this deck through the Goddess Provisions September Animal Spirit Guides Subscription Box and instantly fell in love with the images of these cards. I have already been blown away by my daily pulls and which animals have been wishing to work with me or have a message for me to pay attention to.

While I got this in September, I work with a different tarot/oracle deck each month, and I was already working with another one by the time this oracle deck arrived, so I had to patiently wait until this month to start!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Clearly I could keep going… but this is a taste of what October has brought for me as I prepare to step into November. AND, if you have read this far, you’re probably wondering about this “November Savings” from the subject heading. I didn’t forget!

If you are a subscriber to my newsletter than you have already received this, but if you aren’t (you can subscribe here) then you may have missed that for the month of November I am offering 10% OFF on all of my readings!

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