Oh yes, still PLENTY of Summer left! ***Mid-Year Check In***

I remember as a kid feeling like Summer was this magickal time where everything was available to me in those short months. As an adult I remind myself to remain in that place of wonder. So much so that this year I decided to live a bit more seasonally and less annually. What do I mean by that? Each year I focus on what my year will look like, based on themes and intentions, and then along the way I am either a little off-track, somewhat behind, or jumping on a new train entirely. All of these are fine to a degree, though this year I wanted to focus season by season, much like how our Ancestors lived. This meant acknowledging what are my best/favorite seasons where I feel creatively alive and shiny sticker stars are being handed out left and right (I do, actually, have these stickers!)… and it meant being transparent about my slower months, less desire to emerge out of my introverted cave, needing to focus inward rather than expansively outward…

Midyear check-ins are important, I think, to see where you’ve been, how you feel about what has transpired thus far, and to authentically ask yourself if you are still in alignment with your intention. If so, do you wish to continue your trajectory for the remaining year, or is there something different you’d like to do instead? Likewise, if you’re not in alignment with your intention, what can you do to get back on track, if you desire to continue with your initial desire?

Sometimes I think we feel that intentions are set in stone, that there is no wiggle room for shifting, which sounds silly to me, because we’re ever-growing and ever-changing, and sometimes we come to our own personal crossroads of deciding whether we plow forward, regain our strength, and keep going, or decide to take that strength and apply it elsewhere. Change is good. It’s helpful. And it can be scary and uncomfortable at the same time. It’s not an either/or situation. It is Choice.

What does my Midyear Check-In look like?

  • First, I evaluate my Word of the Year (WOTY) and ask myself if I’m still in harmony with its medicine, or do I have some re-aligning to do? My WOTY for 2018 is: BECOMING. My intention was to focused on stepping into my own Becoming, and ask myself (over and over) questions like what am I Becoming, who am I becoming, what is my Becoming, etc.
  • I pull some cards (oracle/tarot) to get a sense of where I am at. I sometimes use layouts that I’ve used in the past or ones that I come across, but honestly sometimes I’m just throwing down cards in whatever way feels correct. The whole concept is to continuously learn to trust our intuition and let go of any ‘rules’. Your cards are begging to be played with! Go have fun!
  • Journaling. When in doubt, journal it out. I’ve said this for years. There’s literally not a day that goes by when I’m not journaling. However, for this Midyear Check-In I start with a reflection. I don’t even like to look through old entries of the beginning half of the year to be honest. I don’t want to judge myself or stay stuck in a story that I might be working my way out of, or get lost in sentiment. I want to focus on the recollection of how I am feeling in that present moment.I don’t want to spend a long time doing this. It’s easy to get lost in an emerging of thought and memory when reflecting on the previous six months. I’ll reflect briefly on each month, a quick few sentences and feelings without being in the feeling (this is important because in this process of reflection we don’t want to get lost in any feeling, be it beneficial or not, because it takes us out of the present moment and puts us in a temporary dream state which pulls us from our intention check in…).
  • After all this reflection — and done from a place of loving compassion to self, because blame doesn’t propel us anywhere, it simply keeps us stuck in old conditioning that we can’t, or we won’t, and that type of conditioned language is what we must consistently work on to shift — I look at what I want for the remaining year. Then I ‘popcorn’ style some Word Medicine. This is a fancy way of saying that take another page in my journal and write out one word intentions that support my main intention and WOTY.If you’ve been to any of my classes or have had any sessions with me, you know I love One Word Medicine. Love. LOVE. So much can be held in one word. There’s no pressure to come up with a giant statement. It’s clear, concise, to the point, and from there we can break it down even further within the medicinal scope by creating acronyms. Word Medicine and Journaling? *foams at mouth* This is my jam!
  • Then I finalize this with another reading. This one is quicker than the previous, because I really only want to focus on one, or no more than three, cards to guide me into awareness for the remaining year.

Check-ins in general are healthy. I do mini check-ins each month, generally around the Dark Moon time as I prepare my next Moonwheel. I like to observe the Moonwheel I’ve just completed, check for any repeating themes that showed up for me as I take that as a point of awareness to work on — whether it’s healing or amplifying those themes — and sit in the endarkenment for a time.

Whether it’s regularly or now and again, see where you’re at. What’s going on for you? There’s still plenty of Summer left… what will come to Harvest in this season for you? Tend to the sacred relationship of Self. Check in. A great question posed by one of my favorite poets:

things. that should be asked
often. in every type. of
relationship :
how is your heart.
is your breath happy. here.
do you feel free.

-nayyirah waheed