New Year, Now What?

The New Year is upon us, and for many it feels like a sigh of relief. We have survived many challenges, take with us the celebrations of joy, victory, and connection… and after the ball drops at midnight, after the first full night’s sleep of the new calendar year, somewhere there lingers the question of now what?

Learning lessons year after year, we start off January filled with a sense of hope, renewal, excitement to create something N-E-W. Resolutions are made either made or not, or if the word “resolution” doesn’t sit well, we build intentions. Whichever you choose to call it, there is opportunity, and with opportunity one of the things we’ve come to learn is not to waste it. Seize it! Become the skillful Magician in the tarot, having all of your tools available and crafting not only your needs, but desires as well.

Still, sometimes we can put a lot of pressure upon ourselves to have the perfect new year. I held a Shamanic Journey Circle on New Year’s Day and shared how we can be so hard on ourselves and hold January 1st as a hostage to be everything. If it’s not everything we expect or hope it to be, somehow it means the remaining 364 days don’t count. We can’t begin again. This was our only shot.

And you know what? It’s okay to feel that way. Really. It’s a process of uncovering where expectation sits within the psyche, guiding us to exactly where we need to create healing and reprogram these discordant thoughts.

What did my new year, set intentions of January 1st look like?

  • Feeling low energy because the cold I had couldn’t decide if it was staying or going (as of this blog post it has decided to take up residency and may have brought a guest or two… *grumble*).
  • Pre-teen daughter nitpicking all of the things! (Like, all of the things!)
  • Having a lovely time at the Shamanic Journey Circle with meeting new people and getting to reconnect with an dear old friend I hadn’t seen in over a decade!
  • After Circle dinner made available to me courtesy of one of my students where we could eat, chat, and ground.
  • Generosity of a lovely and thoughtful gift for Yuletide season.
  • Getting into the car and seeing the dashboard read -8… however, my new vehicle has seat warmers and the amount of gratitude I had for toasty buns was in high gear!
  • Arriving home and nearly pulling an all-nighter because sleep was out partying for New Year’s I think…

It wasn’t the perfect New Year’s Day, start of the beginning, leaping into my intentions… and yet, it was. It showed me what life is always teaching and showing me: that it’s not about what we can control, it’s about how we lean in, surrender, rise up, transform, and learn to truly honor ourselves, in all of our parts.

And, oddly enough and divinely adorable, a year ago today I wrote a post about the New Year and different ways to create your intentions. It’s a great reminder on helping to kick start a new year, whether it begins on January 1st or another date, it doesn’t matter. We begin when we say we begin. Feel free to peruse this old goody and gain tips for crafting your year. I’m amazed by how much I worked with certain aspects and not so much for others. I’m nearly done with crafting my intentions for the year.

Meanwhile, January also starts my creative sabbatical, and I’m happy to say that despite my cold and feeling like my fetch self must cozy into the cave and sleep f-o-r-e-v-e-r, my creativity feels like it is flowing. I’m approaching it with much curiosity instead of expectation. I am making sure that any time I feel like I am clinging to what must happen that I take a breath and approach it like a curious child, in wonderment of what could be, not what has to be.

Whatever your new year’s theme will be, may it hold excitement and curiosity for you, meeting you in a place of beauty and ease, guiding you to all potentiality. Blessed New Year!