Journal Preparations

If you know me, you know I love to journal. Love it. I have been journaling for nearly 30 years. It is, in my experience, one of the most magickally healing processes I have ever encountered. To journal it takes more than words written upon a piece of paper. It takes courage. You have to show up for yourself. You have to show up in your Truth. You must be willing to be transparent, vulnerable, and nonjudgmental. It’s about completely disrobing and allowing all your parts to be seen and held, in sacredness, where there is the safe mechanism for you to divulge and let go.

Release and surrender are huge parts of journaling, as are manifestations and moments of brilliancy and inspiration. What manifests within a journal can be profound. What we heal can be profound. Who knew “just writing” could be so therapeutic, right?

In my nearly 30-years of journaling what I have uncovered is just how many journals I have been through. They are of varying sizes and styles, some more creative than others, some more painful than others. They all have their own theme and vibrations associated with them. And there is both delight and mock horror to how much space they take up in my home. While differing to many degrees, they all share the same process of how they are created. I shared some of these in an older entry on journaling, but this particular preparation is one that I haven’t shared before until recently. It is a simple process, and yet it brings me much simplistic joy.

I shared on Instagram a picture on one of the ways I cover my journal:


I love yarn (that’s a completely different post!), and this is a great way to use up scrap yarn. Why do I create a holder for my journal as part of my preparation? Because…

  1. It’s practical. It’s a holder! It houses my journal.
  2. Most of my journals don’t have pen holders, and several years ago my then-toddler found my journal pen and destroyed the clip that was attached to it (momentary pause for the horror my journaling pen was subject to and the loss of its limb). I can keep my pen in here with my journal. Holder benefit #2!
  3. Did I mention that it serves as a fantastic holder? Well, it does. I keep something sacred in this holder as well that I either hold while journaling or have it laying out near me during journaling. This could be a small pocket Goddess, a stone or crystal, my Moonwheel calendar, or other sacred tool gifted to me.


I create these journal holders/covers/sweaters so I can protect my journal — either from general wear and tear from use and taking it from place to place, psychic energies that may interrupt the vibration of my magickal tool, and because when we treat our magickal tools like sacred companions, it is helpful to create a sacredness around how you ‘carry’ that tool. This is just one way.

What if you don’t knit or crochet? You could lovingly ask a friend who does if they’d be willing (happy bribery could benefit in your favor, too… libations… chocolates…) For years I used those bandanas you can find in local craft stores if my journal is small enough. For the larger ones? I’ve used scarves. In fact I have a purple one in particular that never gets used as a scarf, its sole purpose is to cover my larger journals that a regular bandana is just too small for. Altar cloths work well also, or even finding fabric and wrapping it around your journal. The point is that it gets the same treatment as other magickal tools, like your divination tools, for example, that many wrap sacredly. Why not your journal?

Aside from the practical uses a journal covering can provide, it also sets the tone from going from one activity into the next one, shifting our mindset that we are preparing for spiritual work. Depending on your daily activities, this can be beneficial in preparation for your regular practice. I know it’s been beneficial to mine!

Like any other tool, smudge it, cleanse it, consecrate it, then love it! Happy journaling!