Joy Week 4: Commitment

Yesterday was the Boston Marathon, and no matter where you were in the world a year ago, we can all remember the stories of what occurred, how we felt, and the overall sadness for our world, both near and far.

As a born and bred Bostonian, I mourned with and for my city. I still mourn in many ways, I think we all do, because the unthinkable pain and loss simply goes against our human nature. While I wasn’t able to view the Marathon, I heard the stories of triumph and success. These amazing people who trained long and challenging hours to be present and to fulfill a commitment to themselves and to others was inspiring.

I think about Wayne Dyer’s comment about “looking for reasons to be offended”, and how easily any one of these people affected and hurt by last year’s events could have held onto that energy instead of fostering the growth of joy and happiness.

Continuing from last week’s post around choosing Joy, this week’s post-it note that went into my journal centers around the commitment of Joy:


Find joy in the journey. — Thomas S. Monson

To me this is twofold:

  1. Instead of “looking for reasons to be offended”, look for reasons to be in Joy. Find it and discover it like this miraculous hidden treasure that is all for you.
  2. In those moments when we feel overwhelmed or stressed, take a moment to stop and look around you… can you find Joy?

I can completely relate to #2 as I’ve had several stressful moments in the last week that has felt quite overwhelming. What I chose to do was stop, take a breath, and look around me. Could I find Joy in my journey? I opened my journal and flipped to where my “Joy” post-its were and reread each intention and breathed that in.

Sometimes Joy will appear so vividly and instantaneously, other times we’re digging our hands in the dirt and uncovering the buried treasure that in part encapsulates our quest, yet is the quest itself.

There’s one more week left in this month’s Intention series… continue cultivating your essence of JOY, and this week work on your commitment to finding Joy in your journey.