Joy Week 3: Choice

There is something interesting that happens when you set an intention and continue to repeat it and practice it: the Universe supports and challenges you to maintain your intention and keep that flow going.

The first week of my Joy intention I began to smile at everyone. I mean really smile. I noticed that I felt more connected to people by the “simple” act of smiling. I certainly felt the effects of Joy flowing through me. Last week… last week I was tasked with remaining true to my intention: to embody JOY.

That interesting piece about the Universe both supporting and challenging you? I stepped in a puddle of challenges and had to remind myself, with each sacred breath I took, to be in Joy.

My intention is Joy… I am in Joy… Joy is my companion… I choose to be in Joy…

These were delightful mantras that I reminded myself in those challenging moments.


1. I had challenging connections with people that I knew, whether in person or over the phone.

Lack of sleep, things on my mind, allergies in full flux… call it what you may, but I felt hardened when my boundaries were pushed. I remarked to some friends how my poker face is no longer what it used to be. I think that’s a good thing — beneficial to be authentic than create a disingenuous response simply out of discomfort. However, sometimes a poker face can be better received. What did I do? Remind myself of my intention… sometimes through clenched teeth.

2. Difficult observations were presented, and in those moments sometimes the last thing you want to do is draw up Joy.

I do a lot of permissive work for myself. It’s not a free pass to do anything, but it is an encouragement that I have the power to create and maintain choice.

3. Receiving news that was heavy and hard and took me out of Joy and left me in a temporary state of uncertainty.

Uncertainty can feel heavy sometimes, right? What that moment granted me was a firm reminder and clear opportunity to settle into my intention even further. In that essence, this is the post-it that is in my journal this week, which fit the various challenges that I swam through.


Joy does not simply happen to us. We have to choose joy and keep choosing it every day. — Henri J.M. Nouwen

Perhaps an obvious statement, but it’s true — Joy simply does not happen to us. Life’s challenges, difficult moments, sad news, it will all intermix with the great things that life also has to offer. We have to choose joy and just keep choosing it every single day. I feel quite grateful for the opportunity to practice my intention, as challenging as it may have been this past week.